Monday, April 6, 2009

To run or not to run – that is the question

I received an e-mail advertizing the Tel-Aviv Marathon and before I deleted it – something about it made me open it and see what it is about.

Should I run the marathon?

On the one hand – running is great and there is always room to improve my sports activities
On the other hand – I don't really fancy sweating
On the third hand – I am hardly 43 and the best I can do is walk???
On the fourth hand, I can finally feel like Rocky…

I have to practice several times to finish running and not crawling on the 4
I’ll have to complete the race - am I a potato ?
As long as I finish this race
It feels "great" – to see them all you bypass me.......
I look so nice in my sports gear at the beginning of the race
And how I know I am going to curse myself after the first mile
I know what fun it will be at the end
I can already feel my muscles
Finally I will be able to connect physically to the inspirational story of Alon Ulman the Iron man runner
Who wants to run so much????
Ok. I will register for the 5 KM run – it is very good for a beginner like me
Why should I sweat so much? Can't I get there by car? Can't I hitchhike?
Sport is very important. It may stop gaining weight…
I will be unable to explain why I did not finish – it may be very embarrassing
My vision includes raising awareness for health and sport – running not only walking – I want to do it
My leg is already in pain

Well? I need to decide? Which side to I take? Do I run or not?

Painful decision…..

Well, let me sleep on it – I may wake up with a decision.