Saturday, January 2, 2010

Take a risk

Sometimes I look back at the last 20 years and think:
What have I achieved ?
What have I accomplished ?
What am I proud of ? and what am I sorry for ?

We are usually not sorry about the things we did.
We are sorry for the things we didn’t do.
We are sorry about the phone call we didn’t make, the letter we didn’t write, the opportunity we didn’t take, the girl we didn’t date, the words we didn’t say to our friend when he needed it, the person we didn’t introduce ourselves to and so on.
Many things we could have done – but we decided it’s not for us because of the uncertainty we feel. We didn’t take the risk.

They say that “If you want to achieve what you have not achieved, you must do what you haven’t done” i.e.: you must take risks you didn’t take.

I decided to take a risk and entered a new business of building teams around the globe.
I risked my reputation.
I risked my time, money and energy.
I am thrilled with the new project , new line of products and potential we have that I am happy I took the risks and entered the journey to success.
You can’t win by sitting on the sofa – you need to get out to the field, work, sweat, enjoy, get excited and your dream will come true.

If we want to have great results in the next 5-10 years we need to take the risks we didn’t take.
If we want to look back in 10 years from today and not regret again – let’s take the risks we choose to make our life the best one we can.

Let’s not waste more years without doing all that we can and achieving all that we should.
Let’s not waste more years without taking the correct risks for us.
Let’s take a risk together.

Take a risk
Change is good.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Still Believe in me

I dedicate this post to all my failures.
Yes I had some.
They hurt me, made me sweat.
They forced me to think, to look inside and search for the reason.
To search for the reasons why am I doing what I am doing.
I’ve learnt from my failures.
I’ve learnt from my mistakes.
I wish I didn’t have to have that lesson – but I probably needed it to become what I am now.
I am devoted to fulfilling my dream, my vision.
Make it come true no matter what it takes.
And that’s why I love this quiet song that Koko & Lidia sing and dance in Fame TV sereise.
The lyrics are brilient.
Read them while you sing the song:

I thought I had it this time
I thought the dream would be mine
hoping to fly I thought
oh how I just didn’t care at allcause

when you don’t care
you don’t cry
it won’t hurt
if you don’t try

but I still believe in all of my dreams
And all that I can be
I’ll learn from mistakes
do all that it takes
to make it eventually
cause I still believe in me

I’ll find an unbreakable heart
to help me get through this far
and i swear ill never rest
till i am standing up there with the very best
no one knows no heart that won’t break
and some times its a heartache

but i still believe in all of my dreams
And all that i can be
I’ll learn from mistakes
do all that it takes
to make it eventually
cause I still believe

I still believe
I still believe in me

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I challenge you to succeed

If you are happy with your health, your private and financial situation – don’t bother to read further.
But if you want to make some changes in your life – I challenge you – start now !
Start now.

Read this post and think about what YOU want? What is it? When is the right time to start working for it? I say – Right NOW.

I don’t know what it is that you want to change, and I don’t know you (although I’ll be glad to know more about you) but Time is going in only one direction – and we can’t rewind it – that’s why we shouldn’t waste it but rather use it to our benefit.

When will be the best time to start changing our life for the better? When can we start building the next 5 or 10 years to be totally different than the last years? I say Now.

My name is Allon and I‘m 43 year old. I’m a life coach, an international team builder and a business man and I’m a computer engineer (you can read more about me here): .
My aim is to help as many people to make a good change is their life. Why?
I want to help people enjoy life like I do. I have changed my life for the better (and keep on doing better and better) and I want as many people to rejoice in life.
I want to inspire as many people as I can.

The reason for all of it is my kids – I want them to see how we can change the world and help many people.

What do you want to change in your life?
How much do you really want this change?

Please write down these answers to yourself because the first thing on the way to change is to declare it to yourself that you need it, and what is the change.
It doesn’t matter how? It doesn’t matter when? First is first – do you need a change? How serious you are?

If you are serious – please e mail answering some of these questions and tell me more about yourself – I’d really want to know you and help you.

Your friend

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fine line between love and sex???

It is a thin line between love and hate
What is the fine line between making love and making sex???

As a father to 16 and 14 year old children, I had to look for a good answer.
I didn’t know what to say or how to approach this issue?
Can I tell my daughter that all men want is one thing??? Firstly I’m a men – what will she think of me??? Secondly It’s not true!!!

I have found a good answer in Connie Podesta’s disks where she talks about relationships, parenting (are kids different?), fights between siblings, how to deal with change and many more important issues from our day to day life. I love her simple and straight opinion and attitude.

Making love is not only the physical touch. Love is two souls connecting. Love is the trust between 2 people that what we do and share is the best for us. Love is to know the other person will be there for you. And love is a gentle and caring touch.
It is the combination of caring, friendship, trust and loyalty. Making love is the most intimate between two people.

Making love is the ability to spend a few hours looking in the eyes of your loved one and talking to her about your intimate thoughts, about your big dreams, share your disappointment with her and your believes of the future.
Making love is to listen with interest to her deepest feelings and emotions, her dreams and her hopes and share a little secret together, little promises, little hope for you.
Making love is your ability to talk safely about everything without being afraid that you’ll be laughed at.

Connie says to her teenage students: until you understand how to make love, until you’re good in making love, until you become an expert in making love don’t even think about the physical side and have sex.
First learn to share your feeling before anything else.

As a married person – I know that throughout the years and as routine settled in, I’ve forgotten these basics. Therefore I started to invest more time in my relationships and to share my thoughts and my dreams more often – I feel young again.

I feel loved again.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The next big thing

Hello, my name is Allon, I'm happily married and father of 6 wonderful kids between 6-16 years old. I live in Israel and am an International Team Builder, in the Wellness industry. My occupation combines health, beauty, training, leadership skills and working with people throughout the world.

I am looking for people who are interested to improve their lives; health wise, financially and to help other people achieve their goals. My business is active in the USA, Europe and is now beginning in the Latin American market.

If you know serious people who are interested in developing their own business, creating a better life for themselves and agree to learn and develop new skills, I would be glad to offer my expertise and assistance, in their first steps.
Feel free to contact me at:

I believe I've found the Next big thing in terms of business, health, life improvment and roi risks.

I believe that people and business will focus on the following principles, trends and subjects in the next few years and we want to be there for them:

  • Financial crisis – how to make money with a small investment, low risk and great potential. Something that can be built quickly

  • Be more healthy – everyone wants to be more healthy, feel better and look better

  • Be your own boss – we learnt that corporate will send us home in a crisis and we have to be our own boss anyway.

  • Work from home – choose your working hours, you don’t need to drive in traffic

  • Use the internet and cutting edge technology – to develop your international network in the global village.

  • Get paid by results – not by the clock.

  • Social networks – building a group of partners and friends who create a new network of support, knowledge and support.

  • Help other to succeed – we guide our partners to reach their own success and that contributes to our success. “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want“ zig zigler.

For additional information why this is the upcoming industry worldwide, you may watch the following video:


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Honey Trap

A dear friend told me that he is in a honey trap
Honey trap – what a concept – a trap made of honey.

At this stage of my life, there is no such thing - a honey trap
And was there before, but never again.

Either it is a trap – and it's bad for you – and you'll do anything to get out of it
Or it is honey – delicious, sweet and tasty, then enjoy it as much as possible.

If you'd rather see the honey
If the honey is important to you – change your thoughts and attitude
Look on the bright side of life, enjoy life, and stop feeling trapped.
Many people want to feel fulfilled, feeling life is honey.

So if you have reached your target – feel good about it.

On the other hand, if you feel trapped and choked – remember:
1. there is honey somewhere else
2. life is too precious to waste it in a trap
3. now is our prime time

This is the time to feel we are on the top of the world, doing and fulfilling ourselves. If not now – when? When we are 60? 70? maybe 80? – There's no time like the present.

Therefore start doing the actions that will get you out of the trap
This week/month/year so that in a few years time you will be in a place of pure honey with no trap.

Honey trap, gold cage those are the stories we tell ourselves
Why we don't decide, take action.
Don't postpone the decision,
Don't postpone the action
Start NOW.

Each day that we wake up and don't jump out of bed with excitement
Each day that goes by and we did not progress with the issues that are important for us
Each day you wait for something to happen, someone to make a decision for you, the government, winning the Lotto, your company, your boss, your spouse, as long as you don't have to decide and deliver.
Each day like this – is a WASTED day.
A precious day that will never return.
It's a shame on every day that goes by without decisions and a plan for action towards your freedom.

Imagine the feeling of not being trapped….
Imagine feeling free….
Imagine the feeling….

So get going in full force to get out of this place and reach a place full of HONEY and FREEDOM

Lots of love

Monday, April 20, 2009

I won the race before it began

I never liked running. In fact I hate to run.
I don't feel good. Running, sweating. It is boring to run alone. My feet are so heavy.
I was never a good runner. I was always amongst the last ones to finish the 1000m track.

If there is something I am not good at – why should I do it?
I prefer to play football and basketball. There is team game, excitement.
With running – it is just me. Alone. I can not hide my results.

I am lucky to be naturally thin and fit, but time and age have slowly left their signs.
A year ago I discovered a new organ in my body – a Belly.

Since I am part of the sex that does not fall pregnant, I understood that this belly is unwanted and I found myself looking for solutions.
(Playing basketball once a week is nice but not effective).

About a month ago I saw an advert about the Tel Aviv marathon and decided to check it out. Since I can hardly run 1K – it was clear that the 10k was not for me. The question was should I run the 5k or not?

I had many doubts. But I decided to register. That's it. It is final.

I started to practice. Alone. Running and walking 5Km.
Suddenly I realized I was not alone as I thought.
I discovered a little creature sitting by my ear and talking to me.
He said to me:
"what do you need it for? It's not for you…"
"what are you trying to prove/ that you are young? That you are in shape? You're not".
"And your heart? Lungs? After 20 years of smoking do you think you are in shape to run?"
"Don't waste your time and energy – you won't make it…"
"this is not for you… it 's out of your league.."

I've met this creature in the past, always "looking out for me", wanting to protect me from the next disappointment.
I often met him before a big exam, important interview.
He appears in my bed in the morning, whispering in my ear: "why should you get up? Sleep a little bit more…it's hot/cold/raining outside". "Let's run this evening?". "today doesn't suit me". And during the practice he would whisper to me to run slowly, cancel my registration, shorten the track, switch to walking etc.
I was glad I was not alone but…I tried to ignore him.

I decided to trick the little creature. I enrolled my 14 year old son. I registered him and straight away he invited me to start practicing with him.

When I run with my son Matan, the little creature doesn't show up. Instead my ego does. And the ego says: "how do you let Matan overcome you? Matan doesn't even sweat? Come on start running".

And I run.
I practice.
I wake up in the morning and run. Sometimes in the evenings. At least 4 times a week. And believe it or not, there is an improvement.
I run further,
I run lighter.

And to enjoy the whole process, I decided to film myself.
To laugh and entertain myself.
I was occupied with ideas, music, gimmicks.
take a look:

I still do not like running.
But I found a way to enjoy it.
I visualize the finish line, I know I did not give in, and I did what I chose to do.
The relief afterwards is worth it.
I introduced a new habit of sports and health into my life.

I won the race before it began

with all my love